.NET Sweatshop

Working day and night to help .NET users get the most out of programming the coolest platform on the planet.

Welcome to the .NET Sweatshop.  We're a group of Microsofties committed to making .NET easier, faster, and better for developers and architects.  Some of us handle the business stuff while others handle the tech stuff.  The fruits of our labor are located at http://www.microsoft.com/practices , the home of Microsoft patterns & practices.  Sometimes we provide guidance, reference architectures, application blocks, and design patterns.  If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to e-mail at swtshp AT microsoft.com (AT=@--just trying to circumvent the bots).
Sandy Khaund
a.k.a. SANDMAN
Product Manager
Platform Architecture Group (PAG)

Sandy in his own words:  I'm a Product Manager in the Microsoft Prescriptive Architecture Group responsible for defining developer guidance titles for the .NET Platform under the “patterns & practices” series. I worked to help deliver titles such as the Windows 2000 Security Operations, Exchange 2000 Security Operations, Unix Application Migration, SQL High Availability, and I also worked with Srinath & company on Building Secure ASP.NET Applications.

Before joining Microsoft, I spent time as an Integration Engineer for Lockheed Martin, an Applications Engineer for the Intel Developer Relations Group, founder of small software multimedia startup, and a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. I have a B.S.E.E. and M.Eng. from the Cornell University, a B.A. in Physics from Ithaca College, and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Srinath Vasireddy
PAG Fellow
(Subject Expert In Residence)
Srinath in his own words:  Prior working for PAG, as a Developer Support Engineer I helped customers develop, deploy, and debug solutions for COM+, Enterprise Services, ASP.NET, and Web services. Worked on complex mission critical customer problems on transactions, scalability, performance, security, and debugging across Web applications, middleware and database technologies. Prior to joining Developer Support, I worked as a contractor at Microsoft Consulting Services. During this period, I gained a strong understanding of business, management, and Microsoft technologies. I had written and reviewed numerous articles for Support Knowledge Base and MSDN, presented support Web casts, and training. My academic qualifications include a Masters in Science, and MCSD certification. I am currently pursuing an MBA.


Edward Jezierski

a.k.a. Ed Jez
Solution Architect

Platform Architecture Group (PAG)


in his own words:  Hi, I'm a Solution Architect in the patterns & practices group in Microsoft headquarters, in Redmond. I am responsible for architecting, and driving development of, many of the Application Blocks for .NET, and work on other Good Things with the p&p teams, such as making sure the patterns & practices 'stuff' works together both as content and code, tools, research projects, and reference apps. I spend time with customers, developers, support, solution providers, and the .NET product teams reviewing architecture, design and implementation of critical applications, identifying recurring issues and solutions for them & feeding back into the MS product designs. I then spend the rest of the day designing, program managing building and shipping the guidance you see on the patterns & practices site (it's more work than you would imagine). I sometimes also do tech reviews for industry authors and MSDN publications, and have been placed on stage (for my pretty face I presume) since 1997. I am also an airplane pilot and in my free time I enjoy researching evolutionary systems.